Your windows are new and beautiful. Of course, you want to keep them in that condition for as long as possible.

But pollution by rain and wind contains chemicals that can have a negative impact on the surface protection of your windows.

For these reasons it is advisable to have your windows treated regularly by a specialist, using the right products.

Cleaning process

It is important that you clean your aluminium frames with clean water, to remove all dust, sand and other abrasive materials.

Then, treat the frames with water and pH-neutral products, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

It is not advisable to clean aluminium frames in direct sunlight. Also make sure that the frame and glazing have cooled down before cleaning them.

Frequency of maintenance

Maintenance is mainly dependent on environmental aspects and on the extent to which the aluminium frames are exposed to weather conditions.

We recommend:

  • In a rural setting: 2 maintenance treatments per year per façade.
  • In an urban or industrial environment or near the seaside: 4 maintenance treatments per year per façade.

Maintenance frequencies may differ from our recommendations depending on need.


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