Our quality guarantee

The production of profiles

Van Beveren has its own plant for the production of insulated aluminium profiles.

The insulated profiles are stocked in their untreated state, to be painted in a uniform colour, later.

Ordered two-colour profiles are insulated after painting.


Van Beveren continuously optimizes the quality of the packaging to ensure that untreated or painted profiles are delivered to the building site undamaged.

The profiles are packaged in thick high-adhesion plastic foil to keep the frames from moving during transport.

Stacked profiles are separated from each other using blocks of PVC or cardboard.

Our transport containers are fitted with a rubber band to prevent friction with steel.


Van Beveren has its own automated paint shop that meets the Qualicoat standard.

Van Beveren offers a basic colour spectrum with a

  • matt,
  • gloss,
  • or textured finish.

But all other colours are also available.

The paintwork is guaranteed for ten years (see conditions) for lengths up to 7500 mm.


Anodising is a surface treatment that allows an aluminium element (or alloy) or a titanium element (or alloy) to be protected or decorated by anodic oxidation (an electrically insulating layer of 5 to 50 microns).

This treatment grants the materials better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat. The thickness varies according to the purpose of the final product.

The anodising quality is determined in accordance with the Qualanod standard

Technological Research Centre

Van Beveren has its own certified test bench

  • Resistance to wind
  • Airtightness
  • Watertightness
  • Burglery resistance
  • Shock-resistant


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