In addition to the acoustic, thermal and aesthetic properties, it is very important to take into account the comfort of the product when selecting exterior door and window frames.

The Van Beveren systems have been studied in detail by their own Technological Research Centre.

Comfort Close

Van Beveren has developed the “Comfort Close” system.  With this system, you can close sliding door frames weighing up to 200 kg and let go before they are fully closed. The last 10 cm will be closed automatically by a gas spring system.

Wings of up to 300kg are slowed down by this system, providing optimum protection against fingers getting caught.

Soft Lift

With the sliding windows available on the market getting bigger and heavier, the Soft Lift system provides improved operating comfort by slowing down the door handle during opening.

The Soft Lift system allows use of heavy wings of up to 300 kg in sliding windows, so they can be opened with ease.

Visual comfort

Grote panoramische openingen
Verborgen beslag
Steeds fijnere profielen

Easy maintenance

With regular maintenance using special products you can enjoy your beautiful aluminium door and window frames for a long time.

Maintenance instructions

Acoustic comfort

The Van Beveren systems meet the acoustic standards. They have been approved in accordance with these standards.

Due to the combination of high-performance acoustic profiles with high-performance acoustic glazing you can fully enjoy the comfort of a quiet home.


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